St. Croix Canoes was started on a whim by a couple of old Scout Guys. After our sons were finished with Boy Scouting (Eagles Scouts, as well), several leaders wanted to stay connected. One of us mentioned that he wanted to build a canoe. It seemed like a worthy project, so we researched plans on the web, read some books, including Canoecraft by Moore, and started off by building 3 canoes from the same set of plans. The first canoes were Wilderness 16's by Carrying Place Canoe Works in Ontario, Canada. Joe and Elaine Zimba were invaluable helping a bunch of newbies get started, sending pictures, emailing advice, and even talking over the phone. Another great source of advice was Northwest Canoes, St. Paul, MN. Dennis and Al were very generous with their advice.  Fortunately for St. Croix Canoes, Dennis was in the middle of a canoe build when we first contacted them, and we were able to see first hand some of our questions answered as they built their canoe. Dennis continues to be a source of advice, and we pass on small tricks as well back.

St. Croix Canoes is proud to feature Northwest Canoe plans as our base source of canoe models. They are fine boats, perform well, and will last for years, becoming an family heirloom to be passed down and fought over in many wills.

Max and Mark are the main face of St. Croix Canoes, but we have several extra set of hands available for times in the build where 2 sets of hands are not enough. Ray is our provider of fine handcrafted inlays, Randy and Connie are there when we need them for laying up the glass and epoxy. They are all part of the St. Croix Canoes team.