NorthWest merlin

So you're packing extra doughnuts, portage packs, taking dog for a paddle... you need a Merlin. The NorthWest Merlin gives you plenty of volume in an sleek 16 foot solo canoe. The lines of this seaworthy design provide more than eye candy, this efficient solo allows you to cover greater distances with fewer strokes.


NorthWest Merlin
Overall Length 16 ft
Rocker: Bow/Stern 1 / ½ in
Beam at Gunwales 26 ½ in
Maximum Beam 29 in
3 in. Waterline 27 in
Sheer Bow 16 in
Amidships Depth 12 in
Sheer Stern 14 ½ in
Approx Weight 40 lbs.

Design courtesy of NorthWest Canoe