NorthWest Passage Solo

If you've admired the Merlin but wished for a solo with rocker, look no further. The Passage Solo gives you two inches of bow and an inch of stern rocker. Differential rocker provides maneuverability in heavy water, yet tracks when you lay the hull flat. If you're ready to own a solo canoe, the NorthWest Passage Solo will see you down the creek or take you on a week-long portage and paddle excursion.


NorthWest Passage Solo
Overall Length 15 ft
Rocker: Bow/Stern 2 / 1 in
Beam at Gunwales 27 in
Maximum Beam 30 in
3 in. Waterline 26½ in
Sheer Bow 17 in
Amidships Depth 12 in
Sheer Stern 15 in
Approx Weight 40 in

Design courtesy of NorthWest Canoe