NorthWest Tadpole

Thinking of the kids, the Tadpole is designed for fun. A pint-size canoe that’s easy to handle on and off the water. Grab the double blade - Tadpole feels remarkably stable with floor level seating. You’ll wonder why other people’s kids still paddle playskool kayaks. You’ll have no trouble handling 13-feet 30-pound Tadpole, in or out of the water.

Light, nimble and quick to accelerate this symmetrical hull also makes a fantastic freestyle canoe for big kids. We can position the seat a few inches below the gunwale and she transforms into a kneeling paddler’s polo pony. The design offers plenty of volume for a day paddle and really doesn’t care about your age.


NorthWest Tadpole
Overall Length 12 ft 8 in
Rocker: Bow/Stern 2 in
Beam at Gunwales 26½ in
Maximum Beam 28 in
4 in. Waterline 24½ in
Sheer Bow/ Stern 16 in
Amidships Depth 11 in
Approx Weight 30 in

Design courtesy of NorthWest Canoe